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tv   11 News at Noon  NBC  July 9, 2009 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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we had a great day, grandpa! we sure did. ask your doctor how advair helps improve lung function for better breathing. (announcer) find out how to get your first full prescription free at [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute live, local, late-breaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news at noon in hd. good afternoon, everyone. our big story at noon, students and and were evacuated from an elementary school earlier this morning as police continued to search for a suspect that fled on foot. there were reports that the suspect entered the school. we have the latest. >> [no audio] police are searching for a suspect and he started running into the school.
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as many as 200 children were evacuated around 10:00 this morning. the children were participating in summer school and a camp. neighbors questioned how the suspect got into a school that is supposed to be secure. the children are a couple of blocks away at a church and the parents will pick them up early. authorities say the start of around 9:50 after city police stopped an individual in the 100 block of north lakewood avenue for an interview. police say the guy ran into the elementary school. the individual may have an outstanding warrant out for his arrest but a spokesperson did not know the nature of the charges. when officers stopped the individual, he was searched and they did not find a weapon. no one is reported injured. the search continues. we will pass along further of elements, as they happen. > a soccer coach faces chargs of soliciting sex from a minor after he was allegedly caught
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sending sexual text messages to her front. the 32-year-old santa mantises to a 14-year-old broker the alleged victim is the sister of one of his players. after investigation, an undercover policeman posed as the 14-year-old. police are searching for the man responsible for a double shooting. it happened to the 2900 block near east baltimore. two males were shot this morning and one died from the injuries for the second victim is still recovering at the hospital. and state police are investigating a shooting of their own officer. this was on east baltimore street 10:00 last night and they found a woman lying on the ground. a car began celebrating toward the officer and that's when the officer said he fired his gun. the driver was wounded in the
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arm and is retiring -- is recovering. the woman was also arrested for an outstanding warrant. >> why couldn't the conductor have seen him? he espoused have big windows around him? -- he is supposed to have the windows around him. >> the family of two boys killed by a light rail train are looking for answers. they are trying to figure out while -- why the driver of a light rail train failed to see two teens on the tracks. the baltimore county police department is heading the investigation. police will use audio and video from the trains involved and will interview witnesses. they will look for any evidence that the driver was on a cell phone at the time of the accident. the 17-year-olds some for deadly injuries when they're struck from behind on sunday.
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>> another nice day, absolutely beautiful. this is a good broken record. we will be in the upper 70's today. we're not saying significant cloud cover to that. you see a little disturbance to our west. we may see an isolated showers later this evening. for the most part, this is a spectacular july day, anywhere from 77 degrees-82 degrees. low humidity again. i have below that of changing your forecast on the weekend coming up. president barack obama spent another day at the g8 summit where is trying to form a consensus on climate change. he is facing increasing criticism on the economy at home. >> president barack obama puts climate change front and center at the g8 today, leading a
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meeting at the world's -- of the world's top polluters. they pledged to limit global warming to 3.6 degrees with little talk about. the president toured the like we led damage from the earthquake earlier this year. -- toward l'aquila from the earthquake earlier this year. protester demand more than empty talk. >> we all have a stake in this bag. -- this thing. i know was important to the president to show a strength in dealing with developing nations. >> on the global economy, g8 leaders called the stimulus plans necessary. on capitol hill, republicans called the president boss stimulus plan a failure. >> every american has the right
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to ask, where are the governors of that work -- where are the jobs that were promised? >> it would be infinitely greater if it cannot -- or enough for the aid that the stimulus package is given to the states. >> the funds have yet to fully taken very >> we will see that more fully later this year. >> despite the signs, no one predicts the stimulus will revive the number of jobs lost by the recession. >> worries about jobs are costing the president's support. in ohio, unemployment has topped 10%. as of this week, more people there disapprove than approve of the president's handling of the economy. thousands of fans are expected to attend a memorial in nashville. best to get a safe know what led to the former reagan's debt. steve mcnair's girlfriend shot
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him four times while he slept. she then turned the gun on herself. police say she may have been going through financial troubles. >> we believe she was paying payments and her roommate was about to leave and she had become very distraught and on two occasions, told friends and associates that her life was all messed up and that she was going to end it all. >> police said she believed steve mcvey was getting a divorce. she suspected him of seeing another woman. you can watch the tribute tonight beginning at 8:00 p.m., live on wbal. we will also lives tree more on our website, coming up, could legalizing a specific drug help california with their finances?
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one group is taking steps to pass the same law in washington. plus, what was supposed to be relaxing vacation turned into a nightmare for an oklahoma family. on a lighter note, we have pat questions. you can e-mail us your questions.
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>> at least 25 people are dead after an explosion outside of school and afghanistan. the blast happened in a province south of kabul. it was caused by explosives hidden beneath a pile of firewood. it is the latest incident of increased violence in afghanistan. a man is dead after being struck by lightning while vacationing floor of. the 54-year-old oakland man was on vacation with his family when he was it yesterday afternoon. paramedics rushed him to gospel but he died. his wife and son suffered minor burns but are expected to be okay. you are looking at an ad that was released in california from a group called the marijuana policy project. they say legalizing marijuana may help california's finances.
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governor schwarzenegger disagrees. backers of the campaign say the real objective is to stimulate a debate in washington and legalize marijuana nationally. still to come, two beautiful labrador puppies are doing time behind bars. why some maryland inmates are learning valuable lessons and what it will take to get these dogs to be trade. we also have answers to pet questions. >> it is an awesome day to take a dog for a walk. there is not a jot of precipitation. let's find out how long this will last, coming up and you'll fall weather forecast. 78 degrees right now downtown.
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>> if you live in the city, there will be no traffic at this
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monday because started on tuesday, july 14, the new program will begin very crews will pick up trash one day we can recycle on a second day. you could find out which days your trash will pick up by logging on to our website, several baseball teams are doing what they can to win them over through food. a trip to the ballpark can be expensive and that's what the orioles are trying a new approach. they are offering all you can eat seating in certain sections of the field. along with the orioles, other teams are jumping on the bandwagon. that includes the texas rangers and the pittsburgh pirates. about 1 million playpens are being recalled after they pose a hazard. yards were sold under several brand names. the consumer product safety commission has received 347 reports of the playpens collapsing.
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21 children have been hurt. york a 11-insta-weather forecast. >> if you are enjoying the weather, we are seeing another pleasant day. we are -- we have lower humidity and maybe some clouds accumulating later. off the carolinas, there are some strong storms. there is a little percolation to our west so we could see and in isolated showers later on. it should not be a big deal. temperatures are in the 70's. we will public debt -- at a high of 81. that was the same as yesterday. 73 degrees for a daytime high in the mountains of western maryland. in our area, charm city is looking at about 80 degrees and the winds are more easily. the high pressure is to our north.
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that will hold up for at least 24 hours. 80 degrees on the shores of ocean city. on the bay, winds are out of the east at 10-15 knots. water temperatures are in the 70's. there is an orange issue as far as the air quality downtown. we are dealing with moderate mold levels, as well. the record high was 103, set back in 1936. on july 9, 1984, 53 was the record low. most of our area is about 58 or 59 degrees. that would be tonight. high pressure to our north with a nice clockwise motion gives us light winds and that will be the case for tomorrow, as well. it will be a repeat of today,
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partly cloudy skies. the change will happen for the weekend. our next shot at showers comes in on saturday evening. another front will push through so some showers are possible and it looks like sunday will be nice and then we will be down to 81 degrees by monday. tuesday and wednesday of next week, we should have a comeback of the high temperatures. it should be 90 by wednesday. >> take all look at these cuties. these two labrador puppies will spend time at the maryland correctional institute for women. it is part of a program where the inmates train the dogs bid to become service dogs. >> these teach you have to be more mature and respectful and dedicated and patient. they teach you a lot of patients. i had no patience when i got
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here but once i got into the dog program, patients. it is like a child. >> that is so true. the dogs live with the inmates 24-7. the inmates have trains 22 dogs since 2001. dr. kim hammond is here to answer your pet questions. >> there might be up to 5000 cats living in the source of baltimore. it is interesting. >> they were talking about canine in-flu-enza. it is not in maryland but you heard about it in new jersey. >> this is a newly recognized delays public -- has probably been out there for a while. it is very dangerous. >> that is some thing for people to keep in mind when i travel to the jersey shore. >> the department of health, the
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maryland department of health and agriculture has listed alerts so that the veterinarians in maryland and the surrounding areas have to watch out for this. this is a time where we leave our dogs for boarding or we go to the jersey shore or whatever. you have to be very, very careful about this. my suggestion is that there is a vaccine after this. you have to discuss it with your veterinarian. it is worth a phone call. >> i did know about it. thank you for telling us. we have a couple of questions for you. this one is not the greatest for this -- my dog to eat his own feces. why does he do this and how can i stop him? >> that is tough to stop. there is a product called for- bid which is essentially msg. put that in the dog's food. >> what attracts them to that?
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not all dogs do that. >> i don't know. >> there is a product that can help? >> there is. they seem to like it. that is the only thing on the market that seems to work. it will not stop the dog from eating other dogs feces. you might try some canned food. you have to make sure they are not hungry. >> thank you so much. thank you for coming by. always good to see you. you can e-mail your questions to pat questions at -- at questions it's not easy rescuing swimmers even when they are heard in water that is only a few feet deep. our reporter went to ocean city to find out why and see how the beach patrol is saving lives.
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>> some of the most serious injuries and ocean city happen here in shallow water. body servers and violently at the bottom. asked this person. >> it was probably 6 feet in the air in the way broke. i did a nosedive and hit my head on the bottom of the water. >> he went into cardiac arrest and suffered a serious neck injury. getting out of the water could have left him paralyzed. how did the beach patrol do it? >> tonight at 11, a full report and then giving advice on how to deal with shallow water. >> up next, your maryland lottery. we will get another check on the insta-weather + forecast with sandra. we want to take a look at how
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check out this spectacular view at the international space station. is video taken from a helicopter in florida this morning. the bright light is the space station as it flies in from of the moment. nasa says residents in flash up -- in south florida should see this for the rest of the week. the space station is large and circles the planet every 90 minutes. coming up this afternoon on " oprah", the little girl who was found living like an animal. she could not speak a word and can she recover? the commerical family that believe she can. that is at 4:00 today. tonight, health experts from across the country are in maryland. their talk about the h1n1 virus.
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how prepared are we? find out what some lawmakers are turning to to compete with high regard. now, your maryland lottery numbers. >> we have the maryland lottery drawing and your pick 3 number is art -- #3-6-1 that makes your picked three numbers of 361. here is an important lottery message. >> everybody wants a second chance. >> you can have it with a scratch off top prize of $30,000. >> now your pick for numbers are -- -- picked four numbers are --
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1-7-3-and 9 that makes your picked four numbers 1739. let yourself play. >> another spectacular day. >> let's bring it on. it looks like to more will be nice as well. then, we'll see a brief comeback of the humidity saturday. we will have a warmer high of 87. there will be some storms saturday night. it looks nice on sunday, 85. it will go down to 81 on monday with a slight chance of thunderstorms. tuesday will be 86 and next wednesday, we will be at 90.
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